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Curiosity and my smart remarks will eventually be my demise, but for now it will make some great stories for this blog.

Anything new is exciting for me and as I enjoy sharing my stories with people, it was only natural to have a place where I can do this. I hope I can inspire others to walk a little on the edge with us, enjoy the view and have some good laughs along the way!


Recent Posts

The Break Up

It is over. I have made my decision and there is no more room for discussion in this matter.

We have had a tumultuous relationship for the past twenty years, during which we parted from each other several times and I have returned to you again and again, never for the better. This time I will not come back.

It was four and a half years since our last break up before we reconnected once again last September. This was a poor decision on my part and I have struggled with it ever since. Our relationship has spiralled downward since we got back together and unfortunately, this is where it must finally end.

It is true when I am with you, that I feel secure, content and happy, but I know you are not good for me and I fear daily for my life when I am around you. This is not the way I want to live.

Yesterday, I removed everything of yours from my home and secured the doors to keep you out. For hours, you pounded on my door and although it would have been easier to simply let you in, I knew that if I did, I would not have the strength to push you out again and every day would become my nightmare once again as I struggled to stay alive.

This morning you were there again, pounding on the door, but I was not as afraid of you today as I was yesterday and know that each day I stay away from you will only strengthen my resolve to rid my life of you.

I am no longer weak and helpless. I am strong, I will survive and I will be free.

Goodbye cigarettes!

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